Wholesale2b Review – An Unbiased Look

Wholesale2b: A Promising Service with a Lot of Warts….But Still Worth a Try.

Wholesale2b is one of the best-known dropshipping service providers out in the market today, with an offering that few others can match, if at all. Let’s take a brief look at Wholesale2b, without the bias….

What’s Wholesale2b All About?

Wholesale2b seeks to be the dropshipper’s single point of contact for every conceivable need that he or she may have – a dropshipper’s dream come true. Listing products to eBay and Amazon becomes a breeze with the tools on offer. Setting up a website becomes worry-free. Staying on top of dropshipping trends is made simple. Sounds good, right? Let’s see how Wholesale2b pulls this off.

How Does Wholesale2b Work?

Wholeasle2b markets itself on the premise that it is a dropshipping service provider for any sort of needs an aspiring or professional dropshipper may need. That includes their proprietary tools that offer you a chance to list your very own products to marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. They also provide a website development service wherein they set up your very own internet marketplace according to your specifications. Lastly, to stay on top of your dropshipping game, you can also opt for their data feed service that allows you to download the latest products in the market for you to easily import to your own storefront, regardless of what platform you use.

How Do You Use It?

It’s simple – you first subscribe to a plan for either one of the four products they offer as a whole or by part, set your parameters, and let Wholesale2b do the work for you – it’s what you pay them for. All the legwork that the world of dropshipping requires is what Wholesale2b wants to make easier for its users, and minimizing the user’s time doing the rote work that listing, sourcing, and tracking entails.


* Unmatched inventory of products to sell – over 1,500,000 products in over a hundred categories.
* Super convenient – sourcing and listing are a breeze thanks to Wholesale2b’s existing good connections with suppliers and shippers altogether
* Wholesale2b’s vast network of suppliers will usually score you better prices than you would by yourself.
* Oh, did we mention that it was absolutely free to try it out for 30 days?


* There are not a few unsatisfied customers and users on the internet – some of the things you read about Wholesale2b may turn you off
* All their services can be done by an individual; only those who can make more money spending for their services will really find it useful
* Exorbitant transaction charges and fees
* Abysmal customer service


With its four unique services that can be used either individually or as a full suite, it’s easy to see why Wholesale2b is appealing – especially to many newbies in the world of dropshipping.

However, as we have already mentioned, you can do everything that they offer by yourself – so unless you are a veteran dropshipper handling a lot of stores, this product might not be for you. It’s not for beginners either as much as they say it is, because you will need to know the concepts of dropshipping for you to succeed with the product. That being said, they offer a free trial – so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

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